Foreign customers

Foreign customers

My clients are professional insurance companies, the courts, legal practices, the financing sector, the boatbuilding industry and private boat owners in Denmark.

Yacht-Enterprise, Aarhus can offer the following services related to pleasure craft:​

  • Inspection and valuation of damage.
  • Arranging and supervising vessel salvage.
  • Investigative work to determine the course of events related to a claim and who is liable.
  • Insurance inspection to determine the condition, seaworthiness and value of a vessel for the purpose of fully comprehensive insurance.
  • Inspection of a vessel for private clients to provide an expert opinion on the general structural condition, level of equipment and its condition prior to purchase.

Yacht-Enterprise, Aarhus was founded in 1994 by me, Anders Balle, a full-time professional in the boat industry for over 35 years.

My career includes 15 years as a boatbuilder, during 10 of which I had my own yard.

​I have been running Yacht-Enterprise, Aarhus since 1994.​

This is a one-man business, and my personal experience and expertise are provided to all my clients.

When additional resources are needed, I can call on a network of specialists I have known for many years, all of whom are able to contribute their own experience and expertise within their field.

Contact me to discuss your needs – a solution can always be found!​